High touch point (HTP) items like mobile, wallets etc. are ‘High risk items’ for Coronavirus spread

‘High touch points should be sanitized regularly’ – CDC, USA

Remember, how every time we come home from grocery shopping, we run the risk of carrying virus with it. We clean everything that we bring from outside. We run the same risk of bringing the virus to our work place when something comes from outside, putting 100’s of people at the risk of infecting with the virus.

UWe Safe- Innovative UVC light based, ensures 99.9% Coronavirus sanitization at your workplace

‘UVC disinfection can effectively clean up hospital spaces to combat COVID-19’ - Dept of Science and Technology, Govt. of India

UWe Safe is a conveyor platform using best of hospital disinfection technology of UVC light to sanitize your work place. It stops the spread of Corona by cleaning personal high touch items, essentials, deliveries, consignments, etc. in less than 30 seconds while entering the premises. It is developed as per US FDA study findings to kill SARS-Cov1 which is a close cousin of Novel Corona Virus.

UWe Safe Variants’ Apertures/ Inspectable area


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