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COVID-19 is from the coronavirus family and resembles SARS virus that was identified in 2002. Both these viruses attack primarily the respiratory system by rapidly multiplying itself inside the cells of the human respiratory tract. To replicate itself, this virus inserts its genetic instructions (RNA or DNA ) into the human cells which then reads the instructions and makes multiple copies of itself. It has been scientifically proved by FDA, US that upon exposing resembling SARS virus to UVC light, it penetrates the virus shell and reaches its RNA strand and destroys it. This process makes the virus incapable of infecting any live cell and thus preventing chances of further infection.
UWe Safe is designed keeping two main issues in mind - 1. Complete 360 degree sanitisation which means that there exists not even a single pinch of area on an object where UVC does not reach to disinfect. The patented design of internal conveyor arrangements ensure 100 % exposure required for killing virus. 2. Contactless feature which makes sure that you and your people never touch any surface of the machine once in operation. One simply places infected objects on one side of the conveyor, and collects sanitised one from the other end without any interaction.
UWe Safe is simple and safe to operate like an usual x-ray conveyor systems which have been in use by businesses, industries, and public places for decades. On the top of that, two layers of barrier are provided each at entry and exit of the object on the conveyor to ensure no UV light comes outside the chamber.
UVC light cannot penetrate opaque, solid objects and hence can be effective in sanitizing food item surfaces as well. Treatment with UV-C light offers several advantages for food sanitization as it does not leave any residue chemicals in treated food, it is easy to use and lethal to most types of microorganisms.
Normal UVC lamps have a life span of 11,000 hours or 12 months of continuous usage. The lamps might run longer than the expected lifespan. It is generally recommended to change the UVC lamps after the recommended period. Cleaning is generally not required after every usage but the whole chamber should be cleaned every month to clean the dust deposited over the surfaces and lamps in order to improve the lifespan of UV lamps.


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